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Growing Gardens, Minds, & Stories

Welcome to my blog!

Blooming Introductions

Hi! I’m Heatherann Rose, a mom to three lovely little ladies, the creative mind and author to The Rose Sisters Garden Series, an educator, a student to the world, and a determined gardenpreneur, who turns dreams into reality.

Author Heatherann Rose with her daughters (left to right) Audrey, Penelope, & Genevieve

Meet my daughters

First and forever, I am a mother to three unique daughters: Audrey, Penelope, & Genevieve. Audrey is the big sis by nature. You can count on her for anything. She is also a very curious learner. She seeks to understand and loves gathering new knowledge and information. Penelope is my spirited child. Depending on her mood, she prefers Poppy, and she has no problem speaking up for herself to tell you her preference in that moment. My sweet Poppy-girl is extremely creative. Her body is her canvas. When she isn't coloring on her body, then she turns to her surroundings; the world is her canvas. Genevieve, much like her big sisters is very independent and has no fear! This solid guuuurl has no hesitation with taking risks during her explorations. Being their mama has been a joy beyond my wildest dreams.

Cultivating Dreams: From Lesson Plans to Lullabies

From as long as I can remember, I have always known what I wanted to be “when I grow up.” I wanted to be both a teacher and a mom. Fast forward to college, I studied and graduated with a bachelors Elementary Education. At the same time, I was pregnant with my first berber, so as soon as I graduated, I put a pause on teaching and chose to stay home. Yes, I fully understand that women can do it all, balancing work and parenting, but for me, being a full-time, hands-on mom was the path I felt most drawn to.

Heatherann Rose pregnant with Genevieve

Sowing Seeds of Curiosity: Merging Montessori, Permaculture, and Parenthood

With my background in education, I was always searching to find new ways to incorporate learning into our daily activities. This is when I took a deep dive into Montessori education and created a curriculum that allowed my girls to thrive through hands-on learning. However, there was one thing that was missing. I wanted to create a link to our garden experience to education indoors. Through my own garden research, I fell in love with permaculture. I wanted my girls to share this love, but couldn’t find educational materials to help them better understand it. That’s when I came up with the idea to write

the children’s book series.

Heatherann Rose reading to the original Rose sisters

The Rose Sisters Garden Series: Crafting Narratives that Nurture Nature

I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. I tossed around ideas, mixed in rhyming dialogue, sprinkled in inquiry-based learning, and thus Growing Roses, the first book in The Rose Sisters Garden Series was born. I wanted to find a book that encourage questions, spark curiosity, and promote hands-on learning, all while nurturing a deep appreciation for the environment.

Self-publishing has been a journey filled with learning, risks, and constant redirection. While the roots of my journey spread, I sowed more seeds into my garden business. To date, I have written a total of four books, and published three. My goal is to encourage families to have the same beautiful experiences that I did in the garden. I want them to grow what they love, like we do with “Growing Roses,” grow what they eat, as in “Growing Strawberries,” and grow to support pollinators, as they’ll discover in “The Pollinator ABCs.”

Beyond The Books: Nurturing a Business from the Ground up

Heatherann Rose showing off the books in The Rose Sisters Garden Series

From Seed to Series: Growing my Brand

My business doesn't stop with just my children's books. I have a bounty of garden resources for families, educators, and growing kids. I invite you to join me in this journey as I nurture my brand, explore the wonders of the garden, and share the joy of learning through gardening.

I am Heatherann Rose and you’ll always find me growing gardens, growing minds, and growing stories.


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