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Ms. Heatherann Rose

Welcome to my blooming world, where the magic of “La Vie En Rose” blossoms in every area of my life. By embracing the essence of “Life in Pink,” I’ve learned to see the world through rose-colored glasses, finding beauty and positivity in every corner. During my transformative journey through divorce, I emerged as the matriarch of my newfound tribe. Determined to embrace my power, I gifted myself the surname “Rose,” a symbol of love and resilience that binds me to my life’s motto. 


With a bachelor’s in elementary education, I’ve found my classroom amidst the vibrant blooms and whispering leaves of the garden’s university. In a rocky time, fate presented me with a unique opportunity during the COVID-19 crisis. Inspired just to get outside, I transformed my backyard into a flourishing ecosystem bursting with life. From delicate petals to towering trees, it is here that I find solace and joy, where the gentle symphony of nature’s melodies becomes a harmonious song in my soul.


Throughout my gardening adventures, I’ve witnessed the pure joy radiating from my daughters, The Rose Sisters, as they explored our gardens. Their enthusiasm ignited a creative flame within me, inspiring me to craft children’s books that would help families share the same curiosity and joy that I’ve experienced with my girls. From this, The Rose Sisters Garden Series was born.


I invite you to step into our world, where gardens whisper tales of growth, where every petal holds a story, and where the beauty of life reveals itself in the most unexpected ways. Join Audrey, Poppy, and Genevieve on their whimsical journey as they unravel the mysteries of nature, cultivating love, imagination, and a deep-rooted connection with the world around us. Here, we embrace the extraordinary and date to witness the wonders that bloom when we nurture our wildest dreams.

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Meet the Illustrator

Meet Kristin Olsen Askland, a gifted freelance illustrator and graphic designer residing in the serene landscapes of southern Norway. In a world driven by technology, Kristin stands as a beacon of tradition, employing timeless techniques to craft her art. With watercolors and gouache as her chosen mediums, her creations exude the essence of her surroundings—forests and oceans—infusing her work with boundless inspiration. Through her enchanting and intricate illustrations, Kristin breathes life into nature and animals, capturing their beauty in a whimsical and delicate manner that resonates with the heart of her surroundings.

The Inspiration

The Rose Sisters IRL

Meet Audrey Rose, the big sister who cares, and Penelope Rose, the sister full of flare. This is Genevieve, our sweet sister. Together, we three make our garden complete.

About The Rose Sisters Garden Series

Step into the world of The Rose Sisters Garden Series, where Audrey, Poppy, and Genevieve share their love for nature and gardening through captivating stories. From nurturing beloved roses to savoring homegrown strawberries, discovering the importance of pollinators, and embracing the beauty of marigolds, each book in the series offers unique insights into the joys of cultivating, sharing, and connecting with the natural world. This series is perfect for early learners to second-grade readers and all those who hold an affection for nature. With 32 whimsical pages of rhyming narrative, these tales are great for classrooms, among blooming petals, or during cozy bedtime story sessions.

Inspired by our love for gardening (and more specifically roses!), the Rose sisters want to share all that they know so you can have fun in the garden, too!

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